My college years consisted of a lot of partying, girls, and a little bit of schooling. Well, enough schooling to where I was able to graduate but certainly not with honors. Normally I am not the type of person to go out on a blind date. Personally I can be a little superficial and will admit that looks to matter me. I certainly do not want to go on a date with something I am not the least bit attracted to. So I reluctantly told one my buddies girlfriend that I would go on a blind date with one of her friends that was coming to visit her. My buddy insisted that I would not be disappointed.

After a long week of partying, I mean classes; the weekend finally came and with it came the blind date. I remember the first time she walked through the door of our house and introduced herself to me. I have to admit that my buddy was right. I was not disappointed the least bit. Having other people around always seems to take away that uncomfortable awkward feeling when you are forced to sit and converse with someone you do not know. I was grateful that we were all going out to the bar together.

We hit up a local college sports bar to catch some playoff hockey on the big screen. The night started out slow but quickly got better by the minute. Alcohol allows people to loosen up and takes the edge off. After a several hours of drinking, I remember we were all sitting at the bar doing shots. My date, who was all of 110 lbs. soaking wet took a shot and then didn't look too good. She grabbed me by my hand and pulled me toward the bathroom. She asked if I would wait outside the door because she had to throw up. Being the gentleman I am, I told her no problem.

At the end of the night she offered me a goodnight kiss, but knowing she had just got done vomiting, I declined. Now you may think this story does not have a happy ending, but it does because I ended dating and marrying her a year later. We will be celebrating our 15 year anniversary next month.